guanidinoacetate N-methyltransferase

guanidinoacetate N-methyltransferase
The enzyme catalyzing the transfer of a methyl group from S-adenosyl-l-methionine (“active methionine”) to guanidinoacetate (glycocyamine), forming creatine and S-adenosyl-l-homocysteine.

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gua·ni·di·no·ac·e·tate N-meth·yl·trans·fer·ase (gwah″nĭ-de″no-asґə-tāt meth″əl-transґfər-ās) [EC] a cytosolic enzyme of the transferase class that catalyzes the methylation of guanidinoacetate to form creatine, the final step in the biosynthesis of creatine. The methyl donor is S-adenosylmethionine, and the enzyme is concentrated in the kidney and pancreas.

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