One of a group of polypeptide antibiotics produced by Bacillus brevis that are primarily bacteriostatic in action against Gram-positive cocci and bacilli. Commercial preparations contain several gramicidins known as g. A, B, C, and D; g. S (for Soviet) is cyclic, the others are linear.

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gram·i·ci·din .gram-ə-'sīd-ən n an antibacterial mixture produced by a soil bacterium of the genus Bacillus (B. brevis) and used topically against gram-positive bacteria in local infections esp. of the eye

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an antibiotic that acts against a wide range of bacteria. It is usually used in combination with other antibiotics or steroids in topical preparations for the treatment of skin, ear, and eye infections.

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gram·i·ci·din (gram″ĭ-siґdin) [USP] an antibiotic produced by Bacillus brevis which acts by damaging bacterial cell membranes, applied topically in pyodermic, ocular, and other localized infections due to susceptible gram-positive organisms. It is also one of the two major components of tyrothricin, the other being tyrocidine.

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