1. One of a group of proteins containing covalently linked carbohydrates, among which the most important are the mucins, mucoid, and amyloid. 2. Sometimes restricted to proteins containing small amounts of carbohydrate, in contrast to mucoids or mucoproteins, usually measured as hexosamine; such conjugated proteins are found in many places, notably γ-globulins, α1-globulins, α2-globulins, transferrin, etc., and are contained in mucus and mucins. SEE ALSO: mucoprotein.
- α1-acid g. SYN: orosomucoid.

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gly·co·pro·tein -'prō-.tēn, -'prōt-ē-ən n a conjugated protein in which the nonprotein group is a carbohydrate called also glucoprotein compare MUCOPROTEIN

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one of a group of compounds consisting of a protein combined with a carbohydrate (such as galactose or mannose). Examples of glycoproteins are certain enzymes, hormones, and antigens.

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gly·co·pro·tein (gli″ko-proґtēn) a conjugated protein containing one or more covalently linked carbohydrate residues. While technically describing conjugates in which the carbohydrate is less than 4 per cent by weight, the term is often used generically to include the mucoproteins (q.v.) and proteoglycans (q.v.).

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