SYN: hinge joint. [G. ginglymos]
- helicoid g. SYN: pivot joint.
- lateral g. SYN: pivot joint.

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gin·gly·mus -glə-məs n, pl gin·gly·mi -.mī, -.mē a joint (as between the humerus and ulna) allowing motion in one plane only

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a form of diarthrosis (freely movable joint) that allows angular movement in one plane only, increasing or decreasing the angle between the bones. Examples are the knee joint and the elbow joint.

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gin·gly·mus (jinґglĭ-məs) [L., from Gr. ginglymos hinge] [TA] a type of synovial joint that allows movement in but one plane, forward and backward, as the hinge of a door; called also ginglymoid or hinge joint.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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