1. A tuft or shred of cotton or wool or anything resembling it. 2. [TA] A small lobe of the cerebellum at the posterior border of the middle cerebellar peduncle anterior to the biventer lobule; it is associated with the nodulus of the vermis; together, these two structures compose the vestibular part of the cerebellum. SYN: floccule. [Mod. L. dim. of L. floccus, a tuft of wool]
- accessory f. an occasional small lobule of the cerebellum adjacent to the f..

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floc·cu·lus -ləs n, pl -li -.lī, -.lē a small irregular lobe on the undersurface of each hemisphere of the cerebellum that is linked with the corresponding side of the nodulus by a peduncle

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a small ovoid lobe of the cerebellum, overhung by the posterior lobe and connected centrally with the nodulus in the midline.

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floc·cu·lus (flokґu-ləs) pl. flocґculi [L. “tuft”] a small tuft, as of wool or similar material, or a small mass of other fibrous material such as one of the flakes of a flocculent solution. [TA] (HX); one of a pair of small lateral lobules of the cerebellum, continuous by a small stalk of nerve fibers with the nodulus vermis, and separated from the cerebellar uvula and tonsillae by the posterolateral fissure; it is part of the flocculonodular lobe.

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