A slender filamentous pseudopodium of certain free-living amebae. [L. filum, thread, + G. pous, foot]

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fil·o·po·di·um .fil-ə-'pō-dē-əmalso .fīl- also fil·o·pod 'fil-ə-.päd n, pl -po·di·a -'pō-dē-ə also -pods a long thin filamentous pseudopodium (as of a nerve cell or platelet)
fil·o·po·di·al -'pō-dē-əl adj

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fi·lo·po·di·um (fi″lo-poґde-əm) pl. filopoґdia [filum + Gr. pous foot] a thin projection from a cell, supported by bundles of actin filaments and often associated with lamellipodium formation, thought to have an exploratory or sensory function.

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