A stellate or spindle-shaped cell with cytoplasmic processes present in connective tissue, capable of forming collagen fibers; an inactive f. is sometimes called a fibrocyte.

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fi·bro·blast 'fīb-rə-.blastalso 'fib- n a connective-tissue cell of mesenchymal origin that secretes proteins and esp. molecular collagen from which the extracellular fibrillar matrix of connective tissue forms
fi·bro·blas·tic .fīb-rə-'blas-tik, .fib- adj

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a widely distributed cell in connective tissue that is responsible for the production of both the ground substance and of the precursors of collagen, elastic fibres, and reticular fibres.

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fi·bro·blast (fiґbro-blast) [fibro- + -blast] 1. a flat, elongated connective tissue cell with cytoplasmic processes at each end, capable of differentiating into a chondroblast, 2. collagenoblast, or osteoblast, and forming fibrous tissues in the body such as tendons, aponeuroses, and other supporting and binding tissues. Called also fibrocyte and desmocyte. collagenoblast.

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