A genus of pathogenic fungi having dematiaceous conidiophores with one- or two-celled annelloconidia. They cause mycetoma or phaeohyphomycosis; in cases of mycetoma, black granules develop in subcutaneous abscesses; in cases of phaeohyphomycosis, hyaline or brownish hyphae are found in tissues. [exo + G. phiale, a broad flat vessel]
- E. jeanselmei a fungal species found in cases of mycetoma or phaeohyphomycosis.
- E. werneckii a fungal species that causes tinea nigra. SYN: Cladosporium werneckii.

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Exo·phi·a·la (ek″so-fiґə-lə) a widespread genus of saprobic Fungi Imperfecti of the form-class Hyphomycetes, form-family Dematiaceae. E. jeanselґmei (called also Phialophora jeanselmei and Torula jeanselmei) is commonly found in soil and sewage and causes eumycotic mycetoma and opportunistic infections in humans. E. spiniґfera (called also Phialophora spinifera) occasionally causes phaeohyphomycosis of the skin. E. wernecґkii is now called Hortaea werneckii.

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