A turning outward, as of the eyelid or foot. [L. e-everto, pp. -versus, to overturn]

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ever·sion i-'vər-zhən, -shən n
1) the act of turning inside out: the state of being turned inside out <\eversion of the eyelid> <\eversion of the bladder>
2) the condition (as of the foot) of being turned or rotated outward compare INVERSION (1b)
ever·si·ble -'vər-sə-bəl adj

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a turning outward; in eversion of the cervix the edges of the cervix (neck) of the uterus turn outward after having been torn during childbirth.

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ever·sion (e-vurґzhən) [L. eversio] 1. a turning inside out. Called also ectropion. 2. a turning outward, as of the sole of the foot or the eyelid.

Eversion of the eyelid using a wooden applicator stick placed at the superior edge of the superior tarsal plate.


Medical dictionary. 2011.

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