estragon oil

estragon oil

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  • tarragon oil — A volatile oil distilled from the leaves of Artemisia dranculus (family Compositae); a flavoring. SYN: estragon oil …   Medical dictionary

  • tarragon oil — noun : an aromatic essential oil obtained from tarragon and used chiefly as a flavoring material called also estragon oil …   Useful english dictionary

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  • tarragon — /tar euh gon , geuhn/, n. 1. an Old World plant, Artemisia dracunculus, having aromatic leaves used for seasoning. 2. the leaves themselves. Also called estragon. [1530 40; earlier taragon < MF targon, var. of tarc(h)on < ML < MGk tarchón < Ar… …   Universalium

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