The technique of recording the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex by means of electrodes placed directly on it.

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elec·tro·cor·ti·cog·ra·phy -.kȯrt-i-'käg-rə-fē n, pl -phies the process of recording electrical activity in the brain by placing electrodes in direct contact with the cerebral cortex
elec·tro·cor·ti·co·graph·ic -kə-'graf-ik adj
elec·tro·cor·ti·co·graph·i·cal·ly -i-k(ə-)lē adv

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elec·tro·cor·ti·cog·ra·phy (e-lek″tro-kor″tĭ-kogґrə-fe) electroencephalography with the electrodes applied directly to the cortex of the brain.

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