ectropion, ectropium

ectropion, ectropium
A rolling outward of the margin of a part, e.g., of an eyelid. [G. ek, out, + trope, a turning]
- atonic e. e. of the lower eyelid following paralysis of the orbicularis oculi muscle. SYN: flaccid e., paralytic e..
- cicatricial e. e. of the eyelids after burns, lacerations, or skin infection.
- flaccid e. SYN: atonic e..
- paralytic e. SYN: atonic e..
- spastic e. e. of the lower eyelid as a result of ocular irritation and/or orbicularis oculi muscle contraction.
- e. uveae eversion of the pigmented posterior epithelium of the iris at the pupillary margin.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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