An aspect of ataxia, in which an act is not performed smoothly or accurately because of lack of harmonious association of its various components; usually used to describe abnormalities of movement caused by cerebellar disorders. [dys- + G. syn, with, + ergon, work]
- d. cerebellaris myoclonica a familial disorder beginning in late childhood, characterized by progressive cerebellar ataxia, action myoclonus and preserved intellect. Probably due to multiple causes, mitochondrial abnormalities being one. SYN: dentatorubral cerebellar atrophy with polymyoclonus.

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dys·sy·ner·gia .dis-(s)ə-'nər-j(ē-)ə n DYSKINESIA
dys·sy·ner·gic -'nər-jik adj

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lack of coordination, especially clumsily uncoordinated movements found in patients with disease of the cerebellum. They include dysmetria (the application of inappropriate force for a movement), intention tremor, dysdiadochokinesis, and a staggering wide-based gait. Bladder sphincter dyssynergia is the incoordination of micturition that occurs due to spinal cord damage in multiple sclerosis.

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dys·syn·er·gia (dis″sin-urґje-ə) [dys- + synergia] disturbance of muscular coordination. See also asynergy.

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