The measure of space between two objects. [L. distantia, fr. di-sto, to stand apart, be distant]
- focal d. the d. from the center of a lens to its focus.
- infinite d. the limit of distant vision, the rays entering the eyes from an object at that point being practically parallel. SYN: infinity.
- interarch d. 1. the vertical d. between the maxillary and mandibular arches under conditions of vertical dimensions which must be specified; 2. the vertical d. between maxillary and mandibular ridges. SYN: interalveolar space, interridge d..
- interocclusal d. 1. the vertical d. between the opposing occlusal surfaces, assuming rest relation unless otherwise designated; SYN: interocclusal rest space (1). 2. SYN: freeway space.
- interridge d. SYN: interarch d..
- large interarch d. a large d. between the maxillary and mandibular arches; may also imply an excessive vertical dimension. SYN: open bite (1).
- pupillary d. the d. between the center of each pupil; the major reference points in measuring for fitting of spectacle frames and lenses.
- reduced interarch d. an occluding vertical dimension which results in an excessive interocclusal d. when the mandible is in rest position, and in a reduced interridge d. when the teeth are in contact.
- small interarch d. a small d. between the maxillary and mandibular arches. SYN: close bite.
- sociometric d. some measurable degree of mutual or social perception, acceptance, and understanding; hypothetically, greater sociometric d. is associated with more inaccuracy in evaluating a relationship ( e.g., it is easier to understand and deal with a native than a foreigner).

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dis·tance (disґtəns) the measure of space intervening between two objects or two points of reference.

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