1. Relating to, or causing, perspiration. 2. An agent that increases perspiration.

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di·a·pho·ret·ic -'ret-ik adj
1) having the power to increase sweating
2) perspiring profusely: covered with sweat: SWEATY
diaphoretic n an agent capable of inducing sweating

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a drug that causes an increase in sweating, such as pilocarpine, which stimulates the sweat glands directly. antipyretic drugs also have diaphoretic activity, which helps reduce the body temperature in fevers.

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di·a·pho·ret·ic (di″ə-fo-retґik) [Gr. diaphorētikos] 1. pertaining to, characterized by, or promoting sweating. 2. an agent that promotes sweating. Called also sudorific.

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