Abbreviation for direct current.
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daily census; data communication; data conversion; decrease; deep compartment; defining characteristic; dendritic cell; dendritic core; Dental Corps; deoxycholate; descending colon; dextran charcoal; diagonal conjugate; diagnostic center; diagnostic cluster; diagnostic code; differentiated cell; diffusion capacity; digit copying; digital computer; dilatation and curettage; dilation catheter; diphenylcyanoarsine; direct Coombs' [test]; direct current; discharge, discharged; discontinue, discontinued; distal colon; distocervical; Doctor of Chiropractic; donor cells; dopachrome; dorsal column; dressing change; duodenal cap; Dupuytren contracture; duty cycle; dyskeratosis congenita; electric defibrillator using DC discharge

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DC abbr
1) Dental Corps
2) diagnostic center
3) direct current
4) doctor of chiropractic

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direct current; Doctor of Chiropractic.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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