1. A compound of two cyano radicals, NC—CN. 2. Highly toxic compounds (general formula X—CN, where X is a halogen) that are used in chemical syntheses and as tissue preservatives. An example is c. bromide.
- c. chloride CNCl; a highly volatile liquid; a systemic poison used as a warning agent in fumigation with hydrogen cyanide.

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cy·ano·gen sī-'an-ə-jən n
1) a monovalent group -CN present in cyanides
2) a colorless flammable poisonous gas (CN)2

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cy·an·o·gen (si-anґo-jən) [cyano- + -gen] 1. the radical CN—; symbol Cy. 2. an extremely poisonous gas, NCCN; called also ethanedinitrile.

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