Abbreviation for computed tomography.
- dynamic C. SYN: dynamic computed tomography.
- helical C. SYN: spiral computed tomography.
- spiral C. SYN: spiral computed tomography.
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calcitonin; calf testis; carboxyl terminal; cardiac tamponade; cardiothoracic [ratio]; carnitine transporter; carotid tracing; carpal tunnel; cell therapy; cerebral thrombosis; cerebral tumor; cervical traction; cervicothoracic; chemotaxis; chemotherapy; chest tube; chicken tumor; Chlamydia trachomatis; chlorothiazide; cholera toxin; cholesterol, total; chordae tendineae; chronic thyroiditis; chymotrypsin; circulation time; classic technique; clinical trial; closed thoracotomy; clotting time; coagulation time; coated tablet; cobra toxin; cognitive therapy; coil test; collecting tubule; colon, transverse; combined tumor; compressed tablet; computed tomography; connective tissue; continue treatment; continuous-flow tube; contraceptive technique; contraction time; controlled temperature; Coombs test; corneal transplant; coronary thrombosis; corrected transposition; corrective therapy; cortical thickness; corticospinal tract; cough threshold; crest time; crista terminalis; cystine-tellurite; cytotechnologist; cytotoxic therapy; unit of attenuation [number]

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CT abbr
1) circulation time
2) coated tablet
3) compressed tablet

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computed tomography.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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