A modification of immunoelectrophoresis in which antigen ( e.g., serum containing hepatitis B virus) is placed in wells cut in the sheet of agar gel toward the cathode, and antiserum is placed in wells toward the anode; antigen and antibody, moving in opposite directions, form precipitates in the area between the cells where they meet in concentrations of optimal proportions.

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coun·ter·im·mu·no·elec·tro·pho·re·sis .kau̇nt-əə-nō-i-.lek-trō-fə-'rē-səs n, pl -re·ses COUNTERELECTROPHORESIS

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coun·ter·im·mu·no·elec·tro·pho·re·sis (koun″tər-im″u-no-e-lek″tro-fə-reґsis) one-dimensional double electroimmunodiffusion; a technique in which antibody and antigen are placed in separate wells in an agar plate and driven toward each other by an applied electric field, because the gel is buffered at a pH between the isoelectric points of the antigen and antibody. It is more sensitive and faster than double immunodiffusion and is particularly useful for antigens that diffuse slowly in the gel. Abbreviated CIE. Called also countercurrent immunoelectrophoresis and counterelectrophoresis.

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