1. The general form of a body and its parts. 2. In chemistry, the spatial arrangement of atoms in a molecule. The c. of a compound ( e.g., a sugar) is the unique spatial arrangement of its atoms such that no other arrangement of these atoms is superimposable thereon with complete correspondence, regardless of changes in conformation (i.e., twisting or rotation about single bonds); change of c. requires breaking and rejoining of bonds, as in going from d to l configurations of sugars. Cf.:conformation.
- cis c. 1. See cis- (4). 2. the property of two or more sites on the same molecule of DNA.

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con·fig·u·ra·tion kən-.fig-(y)ə-'rā-shən, .kän- n
1 a) relative arrangement of parts or elements
b) the stable structural makeup of a chemical compound esp. with reference to the space relations of the constituent atoms
2) GESTALT <personality \configuration>
con·fig·u·ra·tion·al -shnəl, -shən-əl adj
con·fig·u·ra·tion·al·ly adv
con·fig·u·ra·tive -'fig-(y)ə-rət-iv adj

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con·fig·u·ra·tion (kən-fig″u-raґshən) 1. the arrangement of parts of a whole. 2. in chemistry, the spatial arrangement of atoms in a molecule, the property that distinguishes a compound from its stereoisomers. Cf. constitution.

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