permanent teeth

permanent teeth
the 32 teeth of the second dentition, which begin to appear in humans at about 6 years of age. The first molars appear first, followed by the mandibular central and lateral incisors, maxillary central incisors, maxillary lateral incisors, mandibular canines, first premolars, second premolars, maxillary canines, second molars, and third molars. They take their position posterior to the deciduous teeth and erupt in succession, whenever the jaws grow sufficiently to accommodate them. Exfoliation of the deciduous teeth is brought about by resorption of their roots, and the succedaneous permanent teeth take their place. The permanent dentition formula (one side) is as follows:

where I = incisor; C = canine; P = premolar; M = molar. Called also dentes permanentes [TA] and permanent or secondary dentition.

Models of permanent teeth (A); permanent canine (B); and permanent first molar (C).

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