buccal teeth

buccal teeth
posterior teeth.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Buccal space — The buccal space is the area between the cheek and gums, or between the teeth and the buccal mucosa or buccal membrane. Certain medications are designed to be given bucally (as opposed to orally or sublingually). Buccal (as opposed to oral)… …   Wikipedia

  • buccal cavity — the cavity of the mouth, which contains the tongue and teeth and leads to the pharynx. Here food is tasted, chewed, and mixed with saliva, which begins the process of digestion. * * * 1. that portion of the oral cavity bounded on one side by the… …   Medical dictionary

  • Buccal exostosis — A buccal exostosis is the formation of an exostosis (bone mass) on the outer, cheek facing side of the maxilla just above the teeth or the cheek facing side of the mandible. Formation on the lower jaw occurs much less commonly than on the upper… …   Wikipedia

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  • buccal vestibule — the portion of the vestibule of the mouth that lies between the cheeks and the teeth and gingivae or residual alveolar ridges …   Medical dictionary

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