Formerly considered a class of Protozoa whose members bear cilia or structures derived from them, such as cirri or membranelles, but now placed within the phylum Ciliophora. Typical members, such as Paramecium or Balantidium coli (a parasite of humans) possess two distinctive nuclei, a macronucleus and a micronucleus; only the latter bears the hereditary material exchanged in conjugation, a form of sexual reproduction found only in the C.. [L. cilium, eyelid]

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Cil·i·a·ta .sil-ē-'āt-ə n pl in some classifications a large class of chiefly free-living protozoans that feed on complex organic matter, have cilia or cirri throughout the vegetative stages of the life cycle, and usu. have nuclei of two kinds

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