An accumulation of chylous fluid in the pleural space. SYN: chylopleura, chylous hydrothorax.

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chy·lo·tho·rax -'thō(ə)r-.aks, -'thȯ(ə)r- n, pl -rax·es or -ra·ces -'thōr-ə-.sēz, -'thȯr- an effusion of chyle or chylous fluid into the thoracic cavity

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chy·lo·tho·rax (ki″lo-thorґaks) [chylo- + thorax] a pleural effusion consisting of chyle or a chylelike fluid. There are two types: chylous effusion, due to leakage of chyle from the thoracic duct, and chyliform or pseudochylous effusion, consisting of chylelike fluid, the result of a chronic disease such as tuberculosis. Called also chylopleura, chylous hydrothorax, and chylous pleurisy.

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