That aspect of biology concerned with the timing of biological events, especially repetitive or cyclic phenomena in individual organisms. [chrono- + G. bios, life, + logos, study]

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chro·no·bi·ol·o·gy .krän-ə-bī-'äl-ə-jē, .krō-nə- n, pl -gies the study of biological rhythms
chro·no·bi·o·log·ic -.bī-ə-'läj-ik or chro·no·bi·o·log·i·cal -i-kəl adj

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chron·o·bi·ol·o·gy (kron″o-bi-olґə-je) [chrono- + biology] the scientific study of the effect of time on living systems.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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