Gerstmann-Strдussler syndrome

Gerstmann-Strдussler syndrome
Gerstmann-Strдussler-Scheinker syndrome (GSS) a group of rare prion diseases, of autosomal dominant inheritance but linked to different mutations of the prion protein gene, having the common characteristics of cognitive and motor disturbances and the presence of multicentric amyloid plaques in the brain. In the ataxic form, there are progressive cerebellar ataxia and dementia; in the telencephalic form, there are dysarthria, dementia, rigidity, tremor, and hyperreflexia; in GSS with neurofibrillary tangles, there are progressive short-term memory loss and clumsiness. Death occurs in 1 to 5 years.

Gerstmann-Strдussler syndrome; immunostaining of a section through the cerebellum with antibodies to prion protein demonstrates an amyloid plaque (arrow) in the molecular layer.

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