rigid spine

rigid spine
poker s.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • rigid spine syndrome — a rare type of muscular dystrophy characterized by weak neck muscles, fibrous contractures of the vertebral column with scoliosis, and respiratory insufficiency …   Medical dictionary

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  • spine´like´ — spine «spyn», noun. 1. the series of small bones down the middle of the back in man and other vertebrates; backbone; spinal column. 2. a) anything like a backbone; long, narrow ridge or support: »the spine of a mountain. b) Figurative. courage or …   Useful english dictionary

  • spine — ( ) [Baba, 2005]. Carapace, spines, based on Munida. [Baba, 2005] ( ) [Baba, 2005]. Anterior part of carapace, including ocular peduncles, based on Munidopsis. [Baba, 2005] A cuticular outgrowth without a recognizable basal articulation [Ingle,… …   Crustacea glossary

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  • spine — noun Etymology: Middle English, thorn, spinal column, from Latin spina; perhaps akin to Latin spica ear of grain Date: 15th century 1. a. spinal column b. something resembling a spinal column or constituting a central axis or chief support c. the …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • bamboo spine — bam·boo spine ( )bam bü n a spinal column in the advanced stage of ankylosing spondylitis esp. as observed in an X ray with ossified layers at the margins of the vertebrae giving the whole an appearance of a stick of bamboo * * * the rigid spine… …   Medical dictionary

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