The bats, an order of placental mammals of worldwide distribution, characterized by a modification of the forelimbs that enables them to fly. They are capable of emitting ultrasonic sounds that enable them to echolocate, find flying insect prey, and avoid objects in the dark. Though mostly insectivorous, some species feed on nectar, fruit, fish, and blood; the blood-feeding and insectivorous species are important reservoir hosts of rabies. [chiro- + G. pteron, wing]

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Chi·rop·tera kī-'räp-tə-rə n pl an order of eutherian mammals modified for true flight comprising the recent and extinct bats
chi·rop·ter kī-'räp-tər n
chi·rop·ter·an (')kī-'räp-tə-rən adj or n

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Chi·rop·te·ra (ki-ropґtə-rə) the bats, an order of flying mammals. The family Phyllostomatidae includes vampire bats.

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