venous sinus of sclera

venous sinus of sclera
s. venosus sclerae.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • sinus venosus sclerae — sinus venosus scle·rae sklē rē n CANAL OF SCHLEMM * * * [TA] venous sinus of sclera: a circular channel at the junction of the sclera and cornea, which is the main pathway for elimination of aqueous humor from the eye. Called also Schlemm canal …   Medical dictionary

  • sinus — 1. [TA] A channel for the passage of blood or lymph, without the coats of an ordinary vessel; e.g., blood passages in the gravid uterus or those in the cerebral meninges. 2. [TA] A cavity or …   Medical dictionary

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  • spur — SYN: calcar. [A.S. spora] calcarine s. [TA] the lower of two elevations on the medial wall of the posterior horn of the lateral ventricle of the brain, caused by the depth of the calcarine sul …   Medical dictionary

  • calcar sclerae — [TA] scleral spur: the posterior lip of the venous sinus of the sclera to which most of the fibers of the trabecular reticulum of the iridocorneal angle and the meridional fibers of the ciliary muscle are attached; called also scleral roll …   Medical dictionary

  • Sondermann canals — conical extensions of the lumen of the Schlemm canal (venous sinus of the sclera) sometimes observed in the inner wall of the canal …   Medical dictionary

  • pars corneoscleralis reticuli trabecularis — [TA] corneoscleral part of trabecular reticulum: the anterior part of the trabecular reticulum, situated between the venous sinus of the sclera, the scleral spur, and the posterior limiting lamina of the cornea …   Medical dictionary

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