1. Abbreviation for cathode. 2. Symbol for calcium.
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anterior commissure [Lat. commissura anterior]; calcium antagonist; California [rabbit]; cancer; cancer antigen; Candida albicans; caproic acid; capsid; capsid protein; carbohydrate antagonist; carbonic anhydrase; carcinoma; cardiac angiography; cardiac apnea; cardiac arrest; cardiac arrhythmia; carotid artery; cast; catecholamine, catecholaminergic; cathode; Caucasian adult; celiac axis; cell automation; cellulose acetate; cerebral aqueduct; cerebral atrophy; certification authority; cervicoaxial; Chemical Abstracts; chemotactic activity; child abuse; chloroamphetamine; cholic acid; chorio-amniotic; chromosomal aberration; chronic anovulation; chronological age; citric acid; clotting assay; coagglutination; coarctation of the aorta; Cocaine Anonymous; coefficient of absorption; cold agglutinin; colloid antigen; common antigen; compressed air; computer-assisted; conceptional age; condyloma acuminatum; coracoacromial; coronary angioplasty; coronary artery; corpora allata; corpora amylacea; corpus albicans; corrected [echo] area; cortisone acetate; cricoarytenoid; cricoid arch; croup- associated [virus]; cytosine arabinoside; cytotoxic antibody

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CA abbr
1) cancer
2) carcinoma
3) cardiac arrest
4) certified acupuncturist
5) chronological age

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cardiac arrest; chronologic age; cold agglutinin; coronary artery; croup-associated (virus).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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