fibrillary myoclonia

fibrillary myoclonia
the twitching of the fibrils of a muscle; see fibrillation (def. 2).

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  • myoclonia — Any disorder characterized by myoclonus. [myo + G. klonos, a tumult] fibrillary m. the twitching of a limited part or group of fibers of a muscle. * * * myo·clo·nia .mī ə klō nē ə n MYOCLONUS * * * myo·clo·nia (mi″o kloґn …   Medical dictionary

  • myokymia — Continuous involuntary quivering or rippling of muscles at rest, caused by spontaneous, repetitive firing of groups of motor unit potentials. SYN: fibrillary chorea, Morvan chorea. [myo + G. kyma, wave] facial m. m. that appears in the facial… …   Medical dictionary

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