paracarcinomatous myelopathy

paracarcinomatous myelopathy
paraneoplastic myelopathy carcinomatous m.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • myelopathy — 1. Disorder of the spinal cord. 2. A disease of the myelopoietic tissues. [myelo + G. pathos, suffering] carcinomatous m. degeneration or necrosis of the spinal cord associated with a …   Medical dictionary

  • carcinomatous myelopathy — a rapidly progressive, paraneoplastic myelopathy, most often associated with carcinoma of the lung, but also seen with other carcinomas. It is characterized by a rapidly developing myelopathic syndrome due to necrosis of both the gray and white… …   Medical dictionary

  • encephalomyelopathy — Any disease of both brain and spinal cord. [G. enkephalos, brain, + myelon, marrow, + pathos, suffering] carcinomatous e. SYN: paraneoplastic e.. epidemic myalgic e. a disease superficially resembling poliomyelitis …   Medical dictionary

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