The conversion of one cardiac rhythm or electrical pattern to another, almost always from an abnormal to a normal one. This conversion can be accomplished by pharmacologic means using medications or by electrical cardioversion using a defibrillator.
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Restoration of the heart's rhythm to normal by electrical countershock or by medications (chemical c.). [cardio- + conversion]

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car·dio·ver·sion -'vər-zhənalso -shən n application of an electric shock in order to restore normal heartbeat

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a method of restoring the normal rhythm of the heart in patients with increased heart rate due to arrhythmia. A controlled direct-current shock, synchronized with the R wave of the electrocardiograph, is given through electrodes placed on the chest wall of the anaesthetized patient. The apparatus is called a cardiovertor and is a modified defibrillator.

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car·dio·ver·sion (kahrґde-o-vur″zhən) the restoration of normal rhythm of the heart by electrical shock.

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