jugular glomus

jugular glomus
glomus jugulare tympanic body.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • glomus jugulare — glomus jug·u·la·re .jəg yə lar ē n a mass of chemoreceptors in the adventitia of the dilation in the internal jugular vein where it arises from the transverse sinus in the jugular foramen * * * a collection of paraganglion cells in close relation …   Medical dictionary

  • Jugular venous pressure — A man with congestive heart failure and marked jugular venous distension. External jugular vein marked by an arrow. The jugular venous pressure (JVP, sometimes referred to as jugular venous pulse) is the indirectly observed pressure over the… …   Wikipedia

  • glomus — 1. [TA] A small globular body. 2. A highly organized arteriolovenular anastomosis forming a tiny nodular focus in the nailbed, pads of the fingers and toes, ears, hands, and feet and many other organs of the body. The afferent arteriole enters… …   Medical dictionary

  • glomus tumour — 1. a benign tumour arising from paraganglion cells of the vagus nerve in the neck (see paraganglioma). In the middle ear they are called glomus tympanicum tumours; around the jugular vein they are called glomus jugulare tumours. 2. (glomangioma)… …   Medical dictionary

  • glomus jugulare — a collection of paraganglion cells in close relation to the internal jugular vein at its origin at the base of the skull. It is a site of origin for glomus tumours (see also paraganglioma) …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • tympanic body — an ovoid body found in the adventitia of the upper part of the superior bulb of the internal jugular vein; its structure and presumably its function are similar to those of the glomus caroticum (carotid body). Called also glomus jugulare, jugular …   Medical dictionary

  • tumor — 1. Any swelling or tumefaction. 2. SYN: neoplasm. 3. One of the four signs of inflammation (t., calor, dolor, rubor) enunciated by Celsus. [L. t., a swelling] acinar cell t. a …   Medical dictionary

  • Tympanic nerve — Nerve: Tympanic nerve Plan of upper portions of glossopharyngeal, vagus, and accessory nerves. (Tympanic nerve visible in upper right.) Latin nervus tympanicus Gray s …   Wikipedia

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  • Auricular branch of vagus nerve — Nerve: Alderman s nerve Plan of upper portions of glossopharyngeal, vagus, and accessory nerves. (Auricular labeled at top center.) Latin ramus auricularis nervi vagi Gray s …   Wikipedia

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