1. A connection of one part with another. 2. In dentistry, a mechanical device for the fixation and stabilization of a dental prosthesis.
- bar clip attachments SYN: bar-sleeve attachments.
- bar-sleeve attachments fixed bar joints or rigid bar units used for splinting abutments with removable sleeves or clips within the partial denture for supporting and/or retaining the prosthesis. SYN: bar clip attachments.
- epithelial a. SYN: junctional epithelium.
- epithelial a. of Gottlieb SYN: junctional epithelium.
- frictional a. SYN: precision a..
- internal a. SYN: precision a..
- key a. SYN: precision a..
- keyway a. SYN: precision a..
- muscle-tendon a. the union of a muscle and tendon fiber in which sarcolemma intervenes between the two; the end of the muscle fiber may be rounded, conical, or tapered. SYN: muscle-tendon junction.
- parallel a. SYN: precision a..
- pericemental a. the tissues surrounding the cementum of the tooth, i.e., the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.
- precision a. 1. a frictional or mechanically retained unit used in fixed or removable prosthodontics, consisting of closely fitting male and female parts; 2. an a. that may be rigid in function or may incorporate a movable stress control unit to reduce the torque on the abutment. SYN: frictional a., internal a., key a., keyway a., parallel a., slotted a..
- slotted a. SYN: precision a..

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at·tach·ment ə-'tach-mənt n the physical connection by which one thing is attached to another <sever the \attachments of a muscle to a bone>
at·tach ə-'tach vb

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1. (in psychology) the process of developing the first close selective relationship of a child's life, most commonly with the mother. The relationship acts to reduce anxiety in strange settings and forms a base from which children develop further relationships.
2. (in the National Health Service) working arrangements by which workers employed by public bodies (such as district nurse and social workers) are engaged in association with specific general practitioners, caring for their registered patients rather than working solely on a geographical or district basis.

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at·tach·ment (ə-tachґmənt) 1. a connection by which one thing is fixed to another. 2. a device for retention and stabilization of a dental prosthesis. 3. the initial stage of imfection of a cell by a virus, in which the viral envelope finds a suitable receptor on the cell surface, enabling the virus to enter. Called also adsorption.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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