aspartic acid

aspartic acid
HOOC—CH2—CH(NH2)—COOH; the l-isomer is one of the amino acid s occurring naturally in proteins. The d-isomer is found in cell walls of many bacteria.

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as·par·tic acid ə-.spärt-ik- n a crystalline amino acid C4H7NO4 that is obtained from many proteins by hydrolysis abbr. Asp

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as·par·tic ac·id (ə-spahrґtik) 1. a nonessential amino acid, aminosuccinic acid, occurring in proteins; it is also an excitatory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Symbols Asp and D. See also table at amino acid. 2. [USP] a preparation of aspartic acid used as a dietary supplement.

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