Burns, second degree

Burns, second degree
Second degree burns look similar to the first degree burns in that it is red and sensation is intact; however, the damage is severe enough to cause blistering of the skin and the pain is usually somewhat more

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  • second-degree — second de gree adj 1.) second degree burns the second most serious form of burns →↑first degree, third degree ↑third degree 2.) second degree murder/assault/burglary etc AmE a crime that is less serious than the most serious type, especially… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • second-degree — ► ADJECTIVE 1) Medicine (of burns) that cause blistering but not permanent scars. 2) Law, chiefly N. Amer. (of a crime, especially a murder) less serious than a first degree crime …   English terms dictionary

  • second-degree — 1) ADJ: ADJ n In the United States, second degree is used to describe crimes that are considered to be less serious than first degree crimes. The judge reduced the charge to second degree murder. 2) ADJ: ADJ n A second degree burn is more severe… …   English dictionary

  • second-degree — /ˈsɛkənd dəgri/ (say sekuhnd duhgree) adjective of a degree which is next in seriousness to the first degree, either more serious, as second degree burns or less serious, as second degree murder …   Australian-English dictionary

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  • second-degree — adjective 1》 Medicine denoting burns that cause blistering but not permanent scars. 2》 Law, chiefly N. Amer. denoting a category of a crime, especially murder, that is less serious than a first degree crime …   English new terms dictionary

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  • Burns — The treatment of burns depends on the depth, area and location of the burn. Burn depth is generally categorized as first, second or third degree. A first degree burn is superficial and has similar characteristics to a typical sun burn. The skin… …   Medical dictionary

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