A pentose; both of its enantiomers are widely distributed in plants, usually in complex polysaccharides; used in culture media. d- A. is an epimer of d-ribose. [arabin + -ose (1)]
- a. 5-phosphate a phosphorylated a. that is an intermediate in the pentose phosphate pathway.
- a. 5-phosphate 2-epimerase an enzyme in the pentose phosphate pathway that reversibly interconverts a. and ribose 5-phosphate.

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arab·i·nose ə-'rab-ə-.nōs, -.nōz n a white crystalline aldose sugar C5H10O5 occurring esp. in vegetable gums

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arab·i·nose (ə-rabґĭ-nōs) an aldopentose epimeric with ribose at the 2 carbon, occurring naturally in both D- and L-forms, widely distributed in plants in the form of complex polysaccharides, glycosides, and mucilages and also occurring in some bacteria.

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