Theory that afferent stimuli, especially pain, contribute to the development of surgical shock, and, as a corollary, that conduction anesthesia at the surgical field and presurgical sedation protect against shock. [G. a- priv. + L. noceo, to injure, + association]

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ano·ci·as·so·ci·a·tion ə-.nō-sē-ə-.sō-sē-'ā-shən, a-, -.sō-shē- n a method of preventing shock and exhaustion incident to surgical operations by preventing communication between the area of operation and the nervous system esp. by means of a local anesthetic or sharp dissection

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ano·ci·as·so·ci·a·tion (ə-no″se-ə-so″se-aґshən) [a-1 + L. nocere to injure + association] the blunting of harmful association impulses; a method of anesthesia designed to minimize the effect of surgical shock.

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