littoral cells

littoral cells
flattened cells lining the walls of lymph or blood sinuses. Called also rod or stave c's.

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  • littoral cell — lit·to·ral cell lit ə rəl , .ral n one of the reticuloendothelial cells lining the sinuses of the various reticular organs of the body …   Medical dictionary

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  • sinus catarrh — a disorder of the lymph nodes characterized by dilatation of the sinuses accompanied by some proliferation of the littoral cells, which become swollen and detach themselves from the wall of the sinuses to lie free in the lumen …   Medical dictionary

  • sinus histiocytosis — a disorder of the lymph nodes in which the distended sinuses are completely, or nearly completely, filled by histiocytes, as a result of active multiplication of the littoral cells …   Medical dictionary

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