Ehrlich term for his concept, now obsolete, of the structure of complement-fixing antibody; now used chiefly to denote the anti-sheep erythrocyte antibody used in the hemolytic system of complement-fixation tests. [ambo- + L. capio, to take]

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am·bo·cep·tor 'am-bō-.sep-tər n an antibody that lyses an antigen (as a bacterium) in combination with complement

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am·bo·cep·tor (amґbo-sep″tər) [ambo- + L. capere to take] Ehrlich's term for complement-fixing antibody, which he thought had two receptors, one for antigen, one for complement; now used colloquially to denote the anti–sheep red blood cell antibody used in complement fixation tests.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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