Any one of the genetically determined antigenic differences within a given class of immunoglobulin that occur among members of the same species. SEE ALSO: antibody. SYN: allotypic marker. [allo- + G. typos, model]
- Gm allotypes (al′lo-tips) refers to human immunoglobulin gamma heavy chains that express different Gm allotypic determinants (antigens). Each of the 25 different Gm allotypes is the product of genes within the constant regions of the human gamma heavy chain.
- InV allotypes (al′lo-tips) SYN: Km allotypes.
- Km allotypes (al′lo-tip) refers to human kappa immunoglobulin light chains that express different Km allotypic determinants (antigens). SYN: InV allotypes.

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al·lo·type 'al-ə-.tīp n an alloantigen that is part of a plasma protein (as an antibody) compare IDIOTYPE, ISOTYPE
al·lo·typ·ic .al-ə-'tip-ik adj
al·lo·typ·i·cal·ly -i-k(ə-)lē adv
al·lo·typy 'al-ə-.tī-pē n, pl -typ·ies

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al·lo·type (alґo-tīp) [allo- + type] any of several allelic variants of a protein that are characterized by antigenic differences (allotypic markers), especially allelic variants of immunoglobulin heavy and light chains. Cf. isotype and idiotype.

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