Bruns frontal ataxia

Bruns frontal ataxia
gait apraxia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Bruns apraxia (frontal ataxia) syndrome (sign) — (broonz) [Ludwig Bruns, German neurologist, 1858–1916] see gait apraxia, under apraxia, and see under syndrome …   Medical dictionary

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  • Ludwig Bruns — (June 25, 1858 November 9, 1916) was a German neurologist who was a native of Hanover. He studied medicine in Göttingen and Munich, receiving his doctorate in 1882. Subsequently, he was an assistant to Eduard Hitzig (1839 1907) at the insane… …   Wikipedia

  • gait apraxia — apraxia of gait a disorder of gait and equilibrium caused by a lesion in the frontal lobe, commonly seen in elderly persons and those with Alzheimer disease; the person walks with a broad based gait, taking short steps and placing the feet flat… …   Medical dictionary

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