SYN: omphaloangiopagus. See allantoidoangiopagous twins, under twin. [allantoid + G. angeion, vessel, + pagos, fastened]

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al·lan·toi·do·an·gi·op·a·gus (al″ən-toi″do-an″je-opґə-gəs) [allantoid + angio- + -pagus] twin fetuses joined by the vessels of the umbilical cord; allantoidoangiopagous twins. Called also omphaloangiopagus.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • omphaloangiopagus — Unequal conjoined twins in which the parasite derives its blood supply from the placenta of the autosite. See conjoined twins, under twin. SYN: allantoidoangiopagus. [omphalo + G. angeion, vessel, + pagos, something fixed] * * *… …   Medical dictionary

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