am·mo·ne·mia (ă-mo-neґme-ə) hyperammonemia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • ammonemia, ammoniemia — The presence of ammonia or some of its compounds in the blood, thought to be formed from the decomposition of urea; it usually results in subnormal temperature, weak pulse, gastroenteric symptoms, and coma. SYN: hyperammonemia. [ …   Medical dictionary

  • hyperammonemia — SYN: ammonemia. * * * hy·per·am·mo·ne·mia .hī pə .ram ə nē mē ə also hy·per·am·mon·i·emia .hī pə rə .mō nē yē mē ə or chiefly Brit hy·per·am·mo·nae·mia also hy·per·am·mon·i·ae·mia n the presence of an excess of ammonia in the blood… …   Medical dictionary

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