A genus of Gram-negative, oxidase-positive, aerobic, facultatively anaerobic bacteria (family Vibrionaceae) containing rod-shaped to coccoid cells; motile cells ordinarily possess a single, polar flagellum; some species are nonmotile. The metabolism of these organisms is both respiratory and fermentative; nutritional requirements are not stringent. These bacteria are found in water and sewage; some are pathogenic to fresh water and marine animals, and to humans. The type species is A. hydrophila.
- A. hydrophila a species that causes cellulitis, wound infections, acute diarrhea (waterborne and shellfish-associated), septicemia, and urinary tract infections in humans. Also causes red leg disease of frogs. The type species of A..

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Aero·mo·nas (ār″o-moґnəs) [aero- + Gr. monas unit] a genus of gram-negative bacteria of the family Aeromonadaceae, consisting of small, straight, rigid, non–spore-forming rods with polar flagella, occurring singly or in pairs or short chains; organisms are facultatively anaerobic, chemo-organotrophic, and catalase-positive. They are primarily aquatic, found in salt and fresh water, sewage, and soil, and cause various different diseases.

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