isotonic exercises

isotonic exercises

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  • isotonic exercises — see exercise …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Упражнения Изотонические, Нагрузка Физическая Изотоническая (Isotonic Exercises) — см. Нагрузка физическая. Источник: Медицинский словарь …   Медицинские термины

  • Isotonic (exercise physiology) — In an isotonic contraction, tension rises and the skeletal muscle s length changes. Lifting an object off a desk, walking, and running involve isotonic contractions.There are two types of isotonic contractions: (1) concentric and (2) eccentric.… …   Wikipedia

  • isotonic exercise — noun exercise in which opposing muscles contract and there is controlled movement (tension is constant while the lengths of the muscles change) the classic isotonic exercise is lifting free weights • Hypernyms: ↑exercise, ↑exercising, ↑physical… …   Useful english dictionary

  • isotonic exercise — 1. exercise or a program of exercises to increase muscular strength, power, and endurance based on lifting a constant amount of weight at variable speeds through a range of motion. 2. any specific exercise of this type. * * * …   Universalium

  • УПРАЖНЕНИЯ ИЗОТОНИЧЕСКИЕ, НАГРУЗКА ФИЗИЧЕСКАЯ ИЗОТОНИЧЕСКАЯ — (isotonic exercises) см. Нагрузка физическая …   Толковый словарь по медицине

  • Weight training — This article is about strength training using weight (gravity) to generate resistance to contraction. For basic principles on increasing the strength of muscles, see strength training. A complete weight training workout can be performed with a… …   Wikipedia

  • Isometric exercise — or isometrics are a type of strength training in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction (compared to concentric or eccentric contractions, called isotonic movements). Isometrics are done in static positions,… …   Wikipedia

  • Strength training — This article is about the basic principles to train muscular strength. For strength training using free weights or weight machines, see weight training. The lat. pulldown, which strengthens the arms and back Strength training is the use of… …   Wikipedia

  • exercise — 1. Active: bodily exertion for the sake of restoring the organs and functions to a healthy state or keeping them healthy. 2. Passive: motion of limbs without effort by the patient. isometric e. e. consisting of muscular contractions without… …   Medical dictionary

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