alpha agonist

alpha agonist

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  • Alpha-adrenergic agonist — An adrenergic alpha agonist (or alpha adrenergic agonist) is a drug that selectively stimulates alpha adrenergic receptors. The alpha adrenergic receptor has two subclasses α1 and α2. ClassesAlthough complete selectivity between receptor agonism… …   Wikipedia

  • Alpha-7 nicotinic receptor — The alpha 7 nicotinic receptor (α7)5 is a type of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, consisting entirely of α7 subunits Pharmacology, (Rang, Dale, Ritter Moore, ISBN 0443071454, 5:th ed., Churchill Livingstone 2003) Page 138. ] .It is located in… …   Wikipedia

  • Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor — The α2 receptor is a type of adrenergic receptor.EffectThe α2 receptor has several, general, functions in common with other α receptors, but also has individual effects.GeneralCommon (or still unspecified) effects include: * Vasodilation of… …   Wikipedia

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  • Alpha-1 adrenergic receptor — The alpha 1 adrenergic receptor (α1 AR) is an adrenergic receptor with the primary effect of vasoconstriction. EffectThe α1 receptor has several, general, functions in common with other α receptors, but also has specific effects.GeneralCommon (or …   Wikipedia

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